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Sparrow Marketing

Managing social media accounts shouldn’t be hard. With Sparrow Marketing you have access to all the tools you need to engage with your customers.

Get It Done With Us

With the suite of tools available through the Sparrow platform, you’ll be able to handle all social engagement for your business.

Direct Messages

Easily respond to customers across your social channels with our universal social inbox.

Comment Management

Easily respond to all comments from the Sparrow platform. We prioritize all of your comments so you’re responding to the most important customer interaction

Community Management

Easily follow and unfollow people in your audience, helping build your follower-base and increase engagement with your active fans.

Intelligent Recommendations

 We use Machine Learning to better recommend which comments you should be replying to. As you start using the tool and replying to comments, our recommendation algorithm improves itself so you’re receiving a unique list of comments to reply to. 

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

While other tools help your create and schedule content, our tools focus on helping your respond to your customers faster. You’ll easily have visibility into all comments and direct messages on any of your social pages, so you can easily respond to your customers’ needs.

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