Stop wasting time creating reports

Sparrow is the fastest way to put together client performance reports, leaving you with more time to do the actual marketing work

Never waste time creating client reports ever again

With Sparrow, simply connect your accounts and let us automatically create your client reports. Use your existing report template or pick one of ours to save yourself hours of time every single month.

Reduce the time it takes for client updates

You shouldn't be wasting your time preparing performance updates for your client. With Sparrow, you can automate that process, saving hours of time every month

Integrated with the platforms you use everyday

Whether you do organic social media, PPC advertising, SEO, or WordPress hosting, our platform connects to your favorite tools, making it easy to export your hard work into one report

How Sparrow works

Send us your presentation template

Don't have a template you're in love with? Let us create a brand new one for you, or pick from one of our pre-built templates


Connect your marketing accounts to Sparrow's web platform

Create client profiles and connect their social media accounts, ad accounts, etc. to Sparrow so we can pull data on your behalf

Create reports & monitor analytics

Create reports for any timeframe, and keep track of performance live on our analytics dashboard


Customer Stories

I found the social media tool of my dreams in Sparrow Marketing. It gives me all the information I need in one click and its reporting capabilities are second to none. The interface is easy to use and the reporting features make my job 100x easier. Sparrow Marketing helps me do a better job for my clients, in less time, and with less stress. Best of all, the team behind the software is passionate about what they do. I'm not a nameless client to them; they care about my success and are developing features that will help my business grow. Thank you!

Madeline Michaud
Founder, Blue Spec Marketing

Awesome Services

Sparrow’s social analytics tool has provided great insights into social channels for our clients and has become an integral part of our content marketing strategies. We now have full transparency into performance and tracking goals. What I really like about Sparrow is that unlike other social analytics tools I have tried, Sparrow has easy to use navigation, multiple different viewing formats (tables, graphs, and reports) and has the ability to create custom reports. It has been enjoyable experience to collaborate with the Sparrow team whether it is broad brainstorms or focused conversation regarding future features and capabilities of Sparrow’s social media analytics tool. Definitely a breath of fresh air to be able to work with real people to solve real problems!

Mark Pumper
Founder, Espyus

They actually listen to my feedback

The only team to take my feedback and act on it. Highly recommend Sparrow for anyone looking for a simple to navigate analytics platform and custom reporting.

David Klasser
Founder, Klasser Marketing

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